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The system is designed to reflect an underlying hierarchy whereby consumers centru de tranzacționare a ratingului businesses go to a city of a certain size for a certain function; some functions are widely available and others are only available in the largest cities.

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Forstall and released in The city rankings are updated periodically in the Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide, an annual two-volume set, which is available in many libraries. Among the criteria for categorization are retail sales, newspaper circulation, and the presence of universities and hospitals and centru de tranzacționare a ratingului headquarters.

The size of the city's tributary area is critical to determining whether it will be rated a 2, 3, or 4.

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As ofthere are cities rated. The system consists of a number and a letter.

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The number reflects a city's importance in the national hierarchy. Nationally important business centers are ranked 1.

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Regional business centers are ranked 2. Significant local business centers are ranked 3 and business centers whose importance is purely local are ranked 4.

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Doubled letters serve to distinguish centers within a class. The most important center in a market trading area is given some kind of A. Other business centers in the same market area will be given B or C depending on their importance. B cities constitute basic trading centers, while C cities do not.

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Rand McNally divides the country into basic trading areas as ofeach of which has exactly one A-rated city. The basic trading areas are aggregated into major trading areas, of which there are The Federal Communications Commission uses these areas for determining wireless territory boundaries.

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Chicago was originally the only other city rated 1-AAA as having influence over a large area of the country. LouisSan Franciscoand Washington, D.

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