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Basic design is proposed e.

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However any workable solution is better than nothing compared to logged-in work positions left unobserved. The hosting on PC like systems allows for detecting presence of mobile phones in proximity jeton protejat PC-attached Bluetooth dongle or equivalent interface.

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PC gets locked on leave. Reported and other simple deficiencies of this solution are: just local locking logically independent of other security means wide variety of overall jeton protejat sensitivity and RSSI feedback dynamics wide variety of transmitter efficiency adjusting to RSSI feedback varying lock-up distance with any combination of transmitter and receiver manual setting the pairing of mobile phone and PC interface no integration to network authentication and authorisation management no integration to user role management and access credentials for application access lack of protection against MIM attacking and other relevant attacking concepts However this Bluetooth based approach is the best protected solution compared to other proprietary approaches without means comparable to mobile phone SIM locking or to Bluetooth link protection.

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Advantages[ edit ] Basic infrastructure requirements with wireless locking are very low. There are no additional server function requirements beyond public key infrastructure standards.

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The infrastructure requirement jeton protejat include wireless receiver to protected objects via integration or using dongles is state-of-the-art.

All tampering may be detected automatically.

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Small security application will make use of protection mechanisms of operating system of protected object. Neither dongle nor protected unit may be compromised as long as any tampering of security application gets detected. Major advantage with wireless locking comes with automating log-off.

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Hence common lacking of caution by mobile users may be entirely compensated. Automatic wireless authentication factors do not require any handling.

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The only requirement to the user just to jeton protejat a token without any keying is unsurpassed in comfort and functional value. Wireless locking provides additional security for networks against fraudulent access and usage. Reported security deficits with second factor authentication may be compensated by reducing all jeton protejat with keeping, handling and wearing such factors.

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That is a level causing no harm in any environment nor electromagnetic interference to sensitive may occur, i. Wireless locking offers best robustness against de-authentication attacks.

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Initially connection based encrypted key exchange serves for a lower security level which appears sufficient for most requirements. Disadvantages[ edit ] All known approaches for wireless locking are either proprietary [7] or just industrial standard, as e. Adherence to wireless air interface standards and wireless communications protocols compensates for such top level standardisation gap.

The tokens issued by security token services can then be used to identify the holder of the token to services that adhere to the WS-Trust standard. In a typical usage scenario involving a web service that employs WS-Trust, when a client requests access to an application, the application does not authenticate the client directly for instance, by validating the client's login credentials against an internal database. Instead, the application redirects the client to a security token service, which in turn authenticates the client and grants it a security token. The token consists of a set of XML data records that include multiple jeton protejat regarding the identity and jeton protejat membership of the client, as well as information regarding the lifetime of the token and the issuer of the token.

Unidirectional communication between beaconing token and receiver dongle may be hacked with Man-in-the-middle attack. Clear specification of battery wear is not published with all known vendors' offerings.

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